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Some Recent Past Adventures

Hildebrandts and Hunts

It has taken years to get Pauline and Barry Hildebrant to stop off on St. Thomas. Luckily Sheri Hunt has had a sailing adventure on her bucket list ever since her husband Rich promised her 15 years ago.  All four of them finally made!!!

Hildebrandt-Hunts, Feb. 22-29, 2020

2020 Day Sail Fun

Henne Family - Jan. 28, 2020

Who's boat was that?

Needed more room for Brenda and Bill Dorsey, Charlene Kline, Tony Coccio and Diane Vickers.  So we got a bigger boat!

Dorsey-Coccio-Vickers – May 7-14, 2019

Ziglers and Grims

Sue and Don Zigler are joined Sheri and Mark Grim to hit some of the best sites on the British side.

Zigler-Grim – April 17-24, 2019

She's Back - Hello again B.A.

B.A. McGettigan brought Don Laverdure down to the VI for a sailing adventure on the British side including a trip to Anegada and a stop at the Jost Van Dyke Primary school.

McGettigan-Laverdure – Mar. 16-23, 2019

The Goods and Leana Aungst

Apparently Cheryl and Craig didn't have much trouble convincing Leana to join them for a BVI sailing adventure with us.

Good-Aungst – Feb. 23-Mar. 2, 2019

How about a 3 night charter?

Sandra & Randy McCoy joined by friends Theresa and Bob Connell split their vacation by doing 3 nights with us and 4 nights at a St. Thomas resort.

McCoy-Connell - Feb. 6-9, 2019

2019 Day Sail fun

Carr-Newstrom – Jan. 29, 2019

Block-Miller – Aug. 2, 2019

The 2018 Down Island Adventure

Jamann and her 2 person crew head down island from St. Thomas to St. Lucia and back on a 6 week adventure.

St. Thomas to St. Lucia – Oct. 16-Nov. 2, 2018

St. Lucia – Nov.2-12, 2018
St. Lucia to St. Thomas – Nov. 13-Dec. 2, 2018

2018 Day Sail Fun

Baldassare Family – Jan. 1, 2018
Brandt Family – Mar. 16-17, 2018

McGlynn – May 26, 2018
Seward – May 27, 2018
Sanzalone – June 22, 2018

Too Warm to Ski? Sail!!!

Lancaster Ski Club members Devera and Dave Kazmerski and Kathy and Don DeClementi trade in their skis for bathing suits for a nice WARM vacation for a change.

Kazmerski/DeClementi – May 6-13, 2017

The Pritchett's Return Alone!

Penny and Jeff Pritchett decided to come back and enjoy a USVI sailing charter just for the two them.

Pritchetts – Mar. 11-18, 2017

B.A. Mcgettigan Returns!

B.A. McGettigan, our most frequent return guest, invited her friend Rick Loomis to come down to the Virgin Islands to see what a relaxed vacation is all about.

McGettigan-Loomis – Feb. 12-19, 2017

Haberle's Bring Lisa Taylor

Craig (alias Peg Leg) and Kristin (alias Lady Krusty) bring Lisa Taylor down to the Caribbean for a combination BVI/USVI island tour.

Haberle-Taylor – Jan. 19-26, 2017

2017 Day Sail Fun

Lots of Day Sail Fun with the following guests:

Moserd-Gratacos-Marleau-Kaikkonen – Jan. 6, 2017
Gillette Family – Jan. 9, 2017
Wiley-Lever – April 18,2017
Perry-Seible – June 30, 2017
Sites & Friends – Dec. 25, 2017

The Prichetts are back!

Penny and Jeff have returned with their friends Pam and Frank Dogger for another trip around the BVI. Made it to a few new spots as well as some favorites from the previous trip.

Prichett/Dogger June 2016

The Gardiner Ladies Swoop In!

Margie Gardiner can't stand to be out done by her brother Rob! So she and her friends Debbie Lucas, Darlene Mouzukas and Kathy Biederman had to come check out the BVI for themselves.

Gardiner March 2016

The Portland OR Gang Arrives!

Having to come all the way across country didn't stop Olivia Stewart, Cliff Buswell and Jane and Dave Paligo from heading for some blue water sailing in the BVI.

Stewart January 2016

Beware - the Haberle and Seldomridge Pirates are back!

Some of our most frequent return guests have joined us again.  Kristin and Craig Haberle have teamed up with Christina and Gary Seldomridge for more fun in the Virgin Islands.

Haberle/Seldomridge January 2016

Day Sail fun in 2016

A few more guests stopping by for some day sail fun.

Johnson Day Sail
Schaake Day Sail
Goulding Day Sail
McGettigan Day Sail

Pre-Winter Escape!

The best way to get ready for winter is to come down to the Caribbean, like Alice and Roger Brubaker did this year. We certainly didn't want to mess up Roger's ski season!

Alice & Roger Brubaker Nov 2015

Alana Puts Her New Sailing Skills to the Test!

With sailing certifications in hand Alana Lambert was still able to convince Laurie Spoll and Dave Kane to join her for some big boat blue water fun in the BVI.

Lambert June 2015

Lyn and Joe make it back
one more time!

Another great week of laughter, smiles, fun in the sun, sailing, snorkeling, wining and dining down here in the Caribbean sunshine and cool evening breezes.  Life is short, don't waste it, don't let that dream get away.

Lyn & Joe Brubaker May 2015

Bev & Suzanne Girls' Getaway!

A little sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, fine wining and dining with beautiful sunrises and sunsets - sounds like the perfect get away for our dive group buddies Bev Kreeger and Suzanne Lehman.  Hope you'll come back soon.

Kreeger/Herr May 2015

What does the yellow light mean?

How do you get two high tech guys, used to doing things at Mach 10 speeds to SLOW down? Send Jon Litofsky and Scott Fyfe to the Caribbean with their wives Kelly and Lynn and stick them on a sail boat!

Litofsky/Fyfe March 2015

Catching up with a Friend!

My "old" friend Jan Lyons (she's not that old since she's younger than I) brought Robin Stokes, and Maureen and Rob Campbell down with her for a first time sailing adventure for all of them.  What a great week!  P.S. don't pet the long spine urchins!

Lyons March 2015

Speitel & Pritchetts Explore the BVI

It doesn't get much better than this, from West End Tortola all the way to Anegada and back with a bunch of great stops along the way.

Speitel/Pritchett February 2015

Some Day Sail fun in 2015

Nice to have friends stop by for a day sail when visiting the island.

Miller Day Sail
Clifford Day Sail
Stark Day Sail
Duroucher Day Sail
Mabie Day Sail
Sullivan Day Sail


Dorsey Family Birthday Celebration, June 2014

To celebrate Bill Dorsey's 70th birthday they brought the whole family down for a BVI sailing adventure.  With 9 guests "we needed a bigger boat". So we chartered a big catamaran and took off!

Dorsey Clan in the BVI

Leatherman/Stevens in the BVI, May 2014

Lancaster Ski Club President Brian Leatherman and his wife Katie put the ski stuff away, packed their beach stuff and joined their friends Kelly and Ben Stevens here in the BVI for some warm weather fun in the sun.

Leatherman/Stevens island and party hopping

Another Mini-Reunion in the USVI, February, 2014

More laughter and fun reminising about high school days with Dita Varleta and husband Dave as we sail around the USVI.  The photos tell the story:

Dita and Dave to St. John and back

The Lancaster Pirates Return to Sail the USVI, January 2014

The Haberle and Seldomridge Pirates (Kristin and Craig, Christina and Gary) return for more sailing adventure, this time in the USVI. A few stops around St. Thomas then around St. John.

Krusty and Dr. Deck Fluff, Quee and Smiley sail the USVI

Sailing with the California Connection, January 2014

What happens when a couple of Californians get stranded by that OTHER charter company?  Lucky for us they get introduced to Jamann and we end up having a great sailing adventure. Check out these photos of a good time:

Lenzie/Forster/Molinari/Koch Sail the BVI Over New Year's 2014

Some of the Day Sail Fun in 2014

We had some friends vacationing on St. Thomas who joined us for day sails which we love to do whenever friends are visiting.

Dorwart Day Sail
Cioffi Day Sail
Wolf/Kendig Day Sail
Wolgemuth/Moran Day Sail
Ruck/Scott Sisters Day Sail